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Pandy Ramada's Bendable Displex / They Already Knew / 2013



For our first installation of 2013 in the TPW R&D space, artist Oliver Husain was asked to consider the collective spaces of looking. In response, Husain sets a mutable stage for coming together to look, experience and think, and to discuss images and our expectations around presenting them.

With Pandy Ramada’s Bendable Displex, Husain uses the time and space of his installation as research into the interdependence of physical space, the way audiences feel in an environment, and how meaning is assigned to images and objects. While TPW R&D continues with its program of discursive events related to difficult images, Husain, following Marcel Boodthears’ idea of the exhibition as décor, dresses the space of the gallery in a decorative and slightly outdated fashion. Elements of Pandy Ramada’s Bendable Displex will be re-arranged by the artist over the course of the exhibition, coinciding with the different events and discussions being held at the R&D space. Plastic elements may one day appear as a theatre stage, a boxing-ring another, a talk show, a crowd management system or perhaps a shop display. As a culminating event, Husain presents a musical performance not to be missed.

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