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Oliver Husain

selected films, videos, drawings, exhibitions and performances

2023 lenticoolers exhibition
  The Beauties of Lucknow installation
  drip-drop.tv streaming platform and performance series / with Amy Lam
2022 Literal Umbrella exhibition
  Spypoint Borblery livestream performance
2021 DNCB 3 channel installation / with Kerstin Schroedinger
  C**kie M*nster *nterpreter livestream performance / with Amy Lam
  Foyer Forest Feelings livestream screening performance / with Victoria Cheung
2020 Streamy Windows livestream performance
  Thonk Piece livestream with Mary Messhausen and produzentin
2019 Garden of the Legend of the Golden Snail imax 3D
  vista point performance / with Anni Spadafora
2018 French Exit video and exhibition
  performance about a woman collaboration and set design for Liz Peterson
WEM Panorama drawings
Watermelons exhibition
2017 were here video and exhibition
  hair animation in Singapore research residency
Les Sheeks drawings
Three Hangers wall objects
Model Economy video
2016 Isla Santa Maria 3D video and exhibition
  you are the gracious, toe-twirled stumbler exhibition
Galleria Cruise video


Mondo Pale Grey / Nouveau Peony performance


beside the point exhibition


Ye Olde Oakville Multiplex est 1983 exhibition



not wanting to make a decision, but taking a stance anyway choreography



Parade video


Gebimsel exhibition


Pandy Ramada's Bendable Displex exhibition and performance


cinema aporia exhibition



Item Number video


Moth Maze video installation



Dear What's Your Face video installation


Hovering Proxies exhibition and film



Purfled Promises video


Leona Alone video



Green Dolphin video



Mount Shasta film


Five Thinking Hats film and performance


Two Half Reasons exhibition and performance



Squiggle video


Shrivel video


Swivel video



Q video


Betty Ford video with Michel Klöfkorn and Anna Berger



Lavawoche / Krustenwoche exhibition and performance with Claus Richter and Sergej Jensen



Ron & Leo video


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