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Garden of the Legend of the Golden Snail / 13 min / 2019


trailer for Garden of the Legend of the Golden Snail, 2019


Built on the initiative and ideas of the late Madame Suharto, Keong Emas (The Golden Snail) Theatre was inaugurated in 1984 as the first IMAX theatre in Indonesia. The building’s unique architecture references a popular fairy tale about a princess turned into a snail - but was also meant to promote a new source of protein, the Golden Apple snail, introduced to farmers in Indonesia around the same time. Moving between tiny and monumental, soft and solid, mythical and invasive, this graceful animal is taking on many forms, making its slow-paced way through the topography of IMAX cinema itself.

The film was commissioned and produced by Outer Worlds / Public Access Collective / True Frame productions in IMAX 3D format.

Featuring the voice of Aliya Pabani and sound design by Michelle Irving.




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