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you are the gracious toe-twirled stumbler / 2016


Exhibition at Clages, Cologne

"Have a seat. It reads better while seated, and the blue chair is still free. Which blue chair? – why that one there on the map, next to the pile where you got this text.

“Not enough space.” You might counter, or you might object to its dimensions altogether. But the dancer embossed into the plastic, surrounded by notes and clefs, do you see her?

Her movements are forever frozen yet, at the same time, about to claim their space. She doesn’t seem static. The swiftly ensuing swing of her hips, the elegance with which her arms are about extend, they aren’t frozen within the image but rather incorporated into it. A perpetual dynamic defying the laws of space and time or at least a perpetual promise?" Oliver Tepel


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text by Oliver Tepel

Photos by Anne Pöhlmann

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