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Swivel / video / 15 min / 2005


swivel is an impossible, obsessive and whimsical portrait of Shanghai created byan incessant panning camera. Digitally stitching together views of the city's interior and exterior realities,

swivel is a far cry from cinéma-vérité, and yet, it shows us more of Shanghai in 15 minutes than do most feature-lengths portrayals. - Andrea Picard, TIFFblog

Assistance: Chen Miao, Xiaoqiong Jin. Music and Sound: Tim Elzer Tranh played by: Pham Thi Thu An Soundmix: Oliver Achatz at FunDeMental Studios Thanks: Helen Zhang, Ying Haiming, Markus Ziegler, Quach Huu Bac, Hu Liu, Sheng Xiao Ming and Nancy. Vigi Jin, Davide Quadrio at Biz Art, Andreas Schiekhofer at Ghoethe Institut, Marina Tao at Dash Real Estate, Eddie & Michael at Eddie's Bar Funded by Hessische Kulturstiftung

Download Still: JPG, 300kb

distributed by arsenal experimental berlin and vtape toronto

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